Cat Face Study

Cat Face Study


I took a couple face workshops with Melissa Averinos. She is a fabulous artist and I loved her techniques so much that when I got home I made face after face. Eventually I looked around and I had a stack of faces that were just staring at me. I love so many things about each one of them, but they have become a crowd. Hopefully you will have a nice spot for them or one will call out to you.

This was my first Cat Face Study. He is so composed and fluffy. I can almost hear him purring when I look at him. 

I did this face study in the form of textile art. I have used collage, fabric, cotton quilt batting, and my skill as an artist and quilter to capture this cat gazing out the window from his gilded cage. You will be purchasing this exact, one of a kind piece. It is 17 inches by 21 inches and is suitable for framing, stretching, nailing to the wall or making into a pillow. Treat it just like you would a painting (not that I would make a painting into a pillow). The last two pictures are some of the ways I have used my face studies around my house.

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